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Superheroes! December 29, 2008

Posted by franciecooper in life lessons.

It’s only fitting and proper to start my blogging efforts with an entry on Superheroes. Just in the past week, I’ve had two clients tell me they want to be superheroes in their next careers. Superheroes??????? I’ve had clients with some interesting work choices, but this is a new one!

THEN, yesterday, I picked up this month’s issue of Oprah, turned immediately to my favorite columnist, Martha Beck, and she had written an entire article about – guess what- Superheroes! So, why is this showing up in my life all of a sudden?

My guess is that it’s a message from the Universe, God, the collective consciousness, my inner muse, or wherever that stuff comes from, that I’m supposed to uncover my own secret identity- my own, personal Superhero – ME!

So, let the games begin! I hope you’ll come along on my quest. Maybe together we can uncover the identity of your very own, personal Superhero too!

And, as a Life Coach, I always give my clients homework because I really feel it moves them toward their goals more quickly. So, I’m thinking I need to give myself homework. You can do it too, if you want. So here goes:



Create an Inventory of My Life Achievements So Far. List at least 100.

OK. Here I go:

1) Won writing contest in elementary school. (Yes, these can go back to childhood!)
2) Learned to ride a bike.

More tomorrow…

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