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SuperHeroes Among Us February 2, 2009

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Do you ever marvel (pun intended) at the SuperHeroes and SuperHeroines among us? I’m really not talking about the paid, costumed SuperHeroes, like crime and fire fighters (though they are certainly super in my book too) – I’m talking about ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

There was an article in today’s newspaper http://www.star-telegram.com/804/story/1178122.html about a couple who lives about a mile from me who paid $20,000 on ebay for another family’s worldly belongings. There was a catch though. The buyers didn’t want the stuff! They wanted the original owners to keep it.

In the story, the Peters family of Georgia, decided to put the contents of their home on ebay to help them deal with mounting medical costs for their children.

The Peters’ 2-year-old son, Noah, has autism and sensory and gastrointestinal disorders. And 7-year-old Ayla has juvenile arthritis. They also have a 1-year-old, Eli.

The stuff had been online, without a single taker, when the Blairs, of Fort Worth, placed their bid Thursday.

Peters said she questioned whether the bid was even legitimate, so she messaged Donnia Blair.

She got a phone call hours later, and the two talked about how the goods would be shipped. They planned to speak again Friday morning.

“We went to bed and were ready to pack everything up the next morning,” Peters said.

But when Blair called the next morning, she told the Peters family she wasn’t interested in their stuff, and just wanted to help financially.

“They’ve worked really hard to get those things and we’re in a position to help them,” Donnia Blair told The Associated Press.

That, my friends, is an amazing example of the SuperHeroes among us!
And, to think, they’re practically in my own back yard!



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