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We’re all SuperHeroes of our Own Lives! February 17, 2009

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In each one of us resides a hero, a person dedicated to making the world a better place. By examining the lives of heroes, real or fictional, we are able to recognize the traits which can help each of us unleash the hero we are holding deep within.

Have you ever thought that the moral codes and actions of the characters in the DC universe could set an example of how to live life in the real world? My clients have, and so has author James Musler. His latest book, “Unleashing the Superhero In Us All,” deals with this very subject matter

“One would conclude that the only real purpose we have in this big universe, for the limited time we have, is to serve others, causing a ripple effect, by benefiting many more people than ourselves for a lot longer than the brief moment for which we existed,” says Musler.

I agree with Musler on this point. If everyone around the world practiced the kind of servitude Superman performs for humanity, then the world would be a much more peaceful, pleasant place to inhabit. Even if one person implements service to others in their daily life, it would go along way towards making the world a better place.

It is often his super hearing that leads Superman in the right direction. Therefore, the author implores us to use our ears to hear the cries of others.

“Do not underestimate the value of listening and realizing another’s pain. Much of the good we can do for others is to recognize the tragedies that befall them and to listen. Listening can do wonders for those around us.” (Musler, 70)

Essentially, in living daily life we can be SuperHeroes, watching and listening to the people around us, helping those people, and thereby helping better our world.



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