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The Power of Resilience March 23, 2010

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Dr. Joan Borysenko is one of my favorite authors and teachers.  She’s a Harvard-trained, world-renowned expert in mind/body medicine and a dynamic spiritual leader.  I recently read she’s starting a new column for Oprah.com and her first one is on the Power of Resilience.  She has already has a book on the topic,  It’s Not the End of the World: Developing Resilience in Times of Change, and she also has a short new quiz:  Are You Resilient?   I came out pretty resilient.  Life experience has a way of doing that for a person, if we let it.  How resilient are you?



1. Colleen - March 24, 2010

When I was going through my divorce, loss of my father and mother-in-law everyone would say you are going to be OK because you are tough. I resented this until I thought about it; my response became “No I am not tough, but I am resilient.” I discovered this gift of resiliency by going through this experience and paired it with embracing change and a love of learning. I feel all the times I was tough instead has left thick scar tissue that requires time and attention to make pliable and usable.

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