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Fun and Weird Food News March 30, 2010

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With food constantly on my mind this month, I’ve picked up some motivating, fun, and just plain weird food facts to share with you.

Good Food News:

• There are now over 4,000 farmers’ markets in the U.S. The number has doubled in 10 years;

• Sixty-six percent (66%) of consumers are trying to eat snacks with more nutrition, and healthy snack sales outpaced traditional snacks nearly 3:1 over the last few years.

• Many consumers are taking a simpler, more natural approach to the foods they eat, looking for foods with only a few ingredients, and as fresh and close to the farm as time and budget will allow.

• Organic food and beverages sales grew 13% in 2007 and are expected to continue at double-digit growth through 2010.

Fun Food News:

• Ever wonder what animals are in a box of animal crackers? One lion, one buffalo, two sheep, two monkeys, two tigers, three rhinos, five bears and six gorillas. (Source: Professional Chefs Association)

Weird Food News (from Sunday’s New York Times):

• 69.2: The percentage increase in the size of the main course in 52 paintings of the Last Supper over the last millennium, a study in the International Journal of Obesity found. The study, by the brothers Brian Wansink of Cornell University and Craig Wansink of Virginia Wesleyan College, also found that plate size increased by 66 percent and bread size by 23 percent. Brian Wansink says the findings suggest that the phenomenon of serving bigger portions on bigger plates – which pushes people to overeat – has occurred gradually over the millennium as food has become more abundant and affordable.

Whether it’s good, fun, or weird, food is an integral part of our days, nights, and thoughts. We can malign it, or we can choose to make peace with it, and enjoy the sustenance, aroma and flavor it adds to our lives.



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