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Unemployed or Under-Employed? Try this Unconventional Solution! April 20, 2010

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If you’ve lost your job, you’re certainly not alone. In February of this year, the Labor Department estimated that 7 million jobs have been lost since December, 2007. While you could look at this as a disaster, you could also see it as a clear message to figure out what you most want to do with your one short life. My unconventional suggestion is to travel!

But, who goes on vacation when you don’t have a job? Isn’t that counter-intuitive, self-indulgent, or worse, stupid?

Not necessarily. As a recent Travel and Leisure article pointed out: “Travel doesn’t need to be luxury spas and hotels. Travel, instead, can be viewed as broadening, an opportunity to expand horizons. So, go. Travel to transform your curiosities, passions, and unexplored talents into marketable new skills. Explore simpler and more satisfying ways of living. Or just regain your perspective, and energy.”

What do you really love to do? If it’s sailing, check out CrewFile for yachting jobs, no experience necessary. Do you love yoga? Train to be a yoga instructor on a tropical Thai island. Have you always wanted to write a novel? Visit a writers’ retreat in a medieval French village. Learn carpentry in a mountain village in Venezuela. Lend a hand on an organic farm in New Zealand.

If those ideas aren’t seductive enough, according to that same article: “Many of these vacations require little or no money. With a bit of initiative, you can volunteer or barter your way around the world. Some cost a bit more, but your savings or severance pay will go a lot further in some parts of the world than it will at home, and using your reserves to invest in a new life makes more sense than watching your bank balance dwindle while you gloomily thumb through your battered copy of What Color Is Your Parachute?

As a matter of fact, though I’m not seeking a new career, I am taking my own advice and traveling next week for a much-anticipated rest and relaxation vacation. I won’t be writing my blog from my beach-front location, but promise to fill you in on the results when I return.

In the meantime, take your own imagination on a vacation and view this slideshow with travel ideas for the newly unemployed.



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