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Viva Mexico! May 4, 2010

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Last week I enjoyed a fabulous getaway with three girlfriends to Cozumel, Mexico, where we snorkeled, snoozed, sipped, shopped, sunned – and swatted a lot of mosquitoes!

First, housekeeping stuff: I want you to let you know we were completely safe. The resort in which we stayed was gated, but even when we ventured off-site for a self-guided jeep trip around the island, no one in our party felt ill-at-ease or threatened. Before our trip we read of the violence in Mexico, but it wasn’t apparent to us in Cozumel.

Secondly, the transportation was flawless – both air and land. We experienced no delays, lines, excessive security, nor airport timeshare assaults. Again, you can’t believe all the negative press you hear and read.

A final housekeeping matter, we ate and drank to our hearts’ content, and still avoided the dreaded gastrointestinal issues.

As for the fun stuff, our resort was immaculate and populated by a flock of hot-pink flamingos and several prehistoric-looking iguanas, all of whom devoured juicy red watermelon provided daily by their caretakers. There were also peacocks and peahens strutting around the property, the males regularly fanning and vibrating their plumes, vying for the females’ affections. Nature put on amazing shows for us!

The sand, sun, and surf were equally alluring. The water was clear, cool, and incredible shades of blue, ranging from turquoise to midnight. While snorkeling Palancar and Columbia reefs, we swam through schools of parrot fish and marveled up-close-and-personal at lobster, stingray, and sea turtles.

What the best part of the trip? Besides relaxing, having no schedule, and laughing uncontrollably with dear friends, I loved meeting the kind, helpful, and hardworking Mexican people. Their 24/7 commitment to cooking, cleaning, entertaining and problem-solving was impressive. I returned tanned, refreshed, energetic, and ready to get back to Coaching  clients to create their most excellent lives.



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