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What’s the Diff? May 11, 2010

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May is “Make a Difference” month on my personal list of topics to ponder, discuss and manifest this year. By making a difference, I refer to doing something for the greater good, looking outside myself to help someone else.

My favorite positive psychology expert, Dr. Martin Seligman, says the most effective path to happiness comes from leading a meaningful life – in other words, using our personal strengths to serve some larger end.

In an experiment called “Philanthropy versus Fun,” Seligman divided his psychology students into two groups – one that pursued pleasurable activities, like going to the movies or eating delicious chocolate, and another group which engaged in philanthropic activities like volunteering at a soup kitchen or reading to the blind.

Guess what? The happiness feel-good factor of the fun was nothing compared to the lasting happiness of doing altruistic acts.

I believe that doing good things for others will not only make you feel happier, according to Seligman, it will be lead to happiness at your highest level!

This week I invite you to join me in asking yourself a few important questions:



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