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Being of Service to Others=Greater Happiness May 18, 2010

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Have you decided yet how you want to serve the greater good? In my research this past week, I’ve discovered a few websites that might help you decide and actually get started.

First, we all know that President Obama has called on all Americans to participate in our national recovery by serving in our own communities. Did you know there is a website to facilitate that? It’s www.serve.gov. You can enter your zip code and find myriad opportunities listed, from grant writer to gift shop volunteer at the local hospital. Serve.gov is managed by the Corporation for National and Community Service, another great site to visit.

You could also try www.idealist.org. On this site you can not only search for volunteer gigs, you can also find paying jobs in non-profits, plus resources for international voluntarism.

Finally, take a look at www.volunteermatch.org. When I entered my zip code on this site I found opportunities ranging from event chair for a 5K Run in the Dark, to mowing lawns for the mentally ill, to golf tournament help, to dog park volunteer, to theater jobs, to cosmetology. This site also had a cool volunteer posting with Petals for Patients. They need someone to make arrangements with donated flowers for individuals who are hospitalized. Did you know this opportunity even existed? I didn’t!

There is just so much need out there, friends. Do you have a few hours a month to help someone else? Remember, you will also gain from the experience yourself. You may acquire job new skills. You might make professional contacts or new friends. I know for sure you will achieve greater life satisfaction.

Please email me this week and let me know what you’ve decided to do. I’ll post your commitments on my blog which I’m sure will serve to inspire others to do more too. Thank you for you generosity and kindness.



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