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Gen Y Coaching Group – A Million Miles in a Thousand Years June 30, 2010

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I’ve just finished reading “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” by Donald Miller.  The book chronicles the author’s awakening to his ability to create his own life story.  It’s what I coach around every day and I love it!

I loved it so much that I’ve decided to create a 5-week virtual coaching group based on the book because it’s so powerful.  I’m working on the details now and will let you know as soon as I’m ready to register participants.

Can’t wait!  I think this is gonna be a LOT of fun!


To Thine Own Space Be True June 29, 2010

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To conclude our discussion this month on sacred space, I want to share with you a book that was published many years ago called “A Room of Her Own: Women’s Personal Spaces,” by Chris Madden.

In the introduction, the author makes a point I think is as valid today as it was when it was written:

“I have discovered that as much as we revel in the hard-won victories that have given us new freedoms in pursuing careers and in creating loving relationships, many of us long to find the time in a busy schedule to relax and refresh ourselves, body and spirit. I firmly believe that in order to give back to our relationships, careers, families, and passions, we must pull in for short moments to take care of ourselves, then we can return to the people and places of our lives renewed, refreshed, and ready to continue the drama of our days with all the joys, sorrows, pleasures, and stresses that go with it.

“Setting aside a place in our homes that is meant for silence lets us create space for healing, comfort, and solace. When we feel the need to get away from it all, we usually think of a place outside of our home, like a park, beach, or forest. Peace, however, can be wherever we create it, and there is no better place than our own homes. By making a refuge in your home today, you will always have a place of serenity and healing whenever you feel the need to escape.”

Many women I know would love to find the courage to do this, but don’t. Why is that? Do we feel guilty for wanting and needing time to ourselves? Do we feel there’s not enough space because so much of our home is dedicated to storing all of our stuff?

This week, I invite you to thoughtfully consider creating a room of your own. Do you feel you deserve it? Do you have the courage to claim it? For more inspiration, pick up a copy of “A Room of Her Own” for yourself.

Then, give me a call and together we’ll make a plan and make it happen!

I Love Coaching Generation Y! June 22, 2010

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A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of doing a radio interview, Coaching Generation Y to a Happy Future with Tamara Bell, the host of Keeping up with Gen Y on WomensRadio.

Since many of my readers are trying to attract and retain employees and customers in that age range (generally 18–30), have children between those ages, or are members of that group themselves, I’ve decided to devote today’s space to shedding a little light on these young adults.

Let’s first look at a few interesting facts. There are approximately 80 million Gen Y’ers in the world, and they make up about 25% of the U.S. population. They spend approximately $200 billion a year, and have a major influence on parent spending. Sixty-six percent of Gen Y’ers voted for Obama. Ninety percent own a computer, and 97% own a cell phone. They spend more time online than watching TV.

Employers, here’s a stat that may cause you some sleepless nights: the average Gen Y’er will change jobs 10 to 29 times during his or her lifetime, and the average time in one job is 1.1 years. They have seen their parents work too hard and have noticed a lack of company loyalty towards them, illustrated by lay-offs and downsizing. They have also seen the negative impact of unfulfilling work on an individual’s well-being.

Parents, the report card isn’t too great for us either. (I have two Gen Y sons myself.) Gen Y has seen their parents center their lives on work and, as a result, have no work/life balance.  They have seen a lack of investment in personal relationships which has resulted in unprecedented numbers of divorce. They have seen that money and an affluent lifestyle do not provide happiness.

Folks, they have seen all this and they do not want the same for themselves or their own families.

As a Life Coach, I see a lot of good things about Gen Y. In their attempts to make the world a better place, they’re starting with themselves by first identifying their life purpose, and then finding fulfilling work. From my perspective, this can only lead to a happier, more peaceful world. Gen Y is also leading the green movement, which can only be good news for the environment. Plus, they are very concerned with contributing to the greater good by volunteering during their free time.

This week find a Gen Y’er in your circle of influence and spend some time getting to know his or her values, ideas and ambitions. My guess is that you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Life Coaching for Gen Y – Listen to My Interview! June 16, 2010

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I’m so excited to share with you my recent interview about how Life Coaching can benefit Gen Y’ers.    The show is airing now on womensradio.com.  You can listen to it  here: Coaching Generation Y to a Happy Future | Articles | WomensRadio

Do You Have Breathing Space? June 1, 2010

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Have you ever wanted to create a special space in your home – indoor or out – that helps you feel more connected to what’s meaningful in your life? I have, and I want to focus on that this month and invite you to join me in this delightful project. This week, let’s specifically concentrate on creating a sacred space that lets us express our need for ongoing spiritual nourishment.

Where should you locate your sacred space? It can be a table, a small part of a room you surround with a screen, or it can be an entire room if you have the space. I have a client who has created an altar inside a special armoire with doors that she opens when she meditates and closes when guests arrive.

Make your sacred space personal. Choose what tastes, sounds, smells, looks, and feels good to you. Choose objects that give you energy, inspire you, or help you get into the ritual of your prayer, meditation, yoga or other sacred practice. You can use personal items that are meaningful to you; visual art – your own or your friends’; photos of loved ones and special places you’ve visited; statues of traditional symbols of the divine; stones and shells that hold memories from special places; candles or incense; fabrics; chimes; plants or flowers; calming music; and sacred texts or words of wisdom from any and all faiths.

Carve out time and solitude. Remember this space is yours. Ask family members to honor your time and not interrupt you.

Above all, trust your intuition to show you where to put it, what to include, how to use it – and see where it takes you.