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Pink Plastic Flamingoes? July 6, 2010

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In pondering my topic for this month, “Assure Abundance,” I can’t get three hot pink, plastic flamingoes out of my mind. They flew into my friend’s yard while I was visiting, and became an integral, hilarious part of a weekend celebration of friendship.

The flamingoes, though attached to unbendable steel stakes, managed to migrate from lining a pathway, to peering into a window, to becoming a hood ornament over the course of three days and seven friends. We laughed until our sides hurt when they showed up in some surprising settings. And, of course, we speculated with great enthusiasm over who was responsible for the relocation (all while the culprit smirked with pride over her cleverness.)

While this may all sound like idle chit chat, I did actually glean some lessons on abundance from my fine, unfeathered friends:

  • Laugh abundantly. Laugh more. Lighten up and don’t take yourself too seriously.
  • Be abundantly flexible. Even if your legs feel like rigid, steel rods, you can move, especially if you let your friends help you.
  • It’s okay to be pink (or whatever color or shape you are). Standing out from the crowd is much better that being invisible, and being open is more likely to attract abundance.
  • Be abundantly happy where you’re planted. Sometimes there are lessons to be learned – like being still.

This July let’s focus on the abundance that already exists in our lives. It’s a chance to enjoy what we have rather than what we don’t have; what’s right rather than what’s wrong; what’s good rather than what’s bad; what we do want rather than what we don’t . It’s a big challenge but I know you’re up to it!



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