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Do you need it, love it, or LOVE it? July 21, 2010

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My son, Will, and I have talked for years about writing a book together on the subject of “want vs. need.” Time and distance have intervened thus far, but I’ve been thinking about that concept in terms of our topic this month – abundance. How can we feel a sense of plenty when we have a bazillion wants buzzing around in our heads all the time? I want a trip to Spain. I want an outdoor paradise in my backyard.

My favorite fellow Life Coach, Martha Beck, addressed this issue beautifully in her recent article, The Joy Dividend. In it she explores how we can get maximum pleasure with the resources currently available to us. She says, “If you have any money left over after purchasing all the things you absolutely, positively must have [i.e. food, shelter, clothing], spend it on stuff you LOVE but don’t need.”

She also cautions, “Just be careful. If you fail to do this consciously, you’ll get wishy-washy with discretionary spending, blowing your money on things altogether useless… Often, piles of mediocre, creeping stuff actually decreases quality of life.”

This philosophy makes so much sense to me. Just last week I found myself buying yet another pair of white linen capris because they were such a great deal. (Originally $158, I got them for $15!) But, did I really need them? No – I have two pair already. Did I really LOVE them, not just love them? (Notice the distinction between “LOVE” and “love.”) Honestly, they were a lower case love. If I’d been more conscious of Martha’s need, love and LOVE perspective, I would’ve put that $15 toward my trip to Spain, or purchased something for my backyard oasis, both of which I would LOVE!

I invite you to join me this week in making more conscious distinctions between what we really need, really love, and really LOVE. I believe this way of life can ultimately lead to greater satisfaction and feelings of abundance.

– Francie Cooper



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