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Learn How! August 4, 2010

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“Learn how to do what?” you’re asking yourself. Well, that’s exactly the topic of the month. What have you always wanted to learn to do, but haven’t yet gotten around to? I’ve been doing some research and the things people want to learn range far and wide: play guitar, speak Spanish, draw, cook and meditate. Others want to learn to create their own website, budget, play golf, belly dance, fence, play pool or poker.

Why is the quest for learning something new so pervasive and why is it important to the quality of our lives? I’ve come to believe, through my own life experience and through my Coaching practice, that…

• Learning across a wide range of subjects gives us a range of perspectives which are broader than our own narrow day-to-day areas of specialization.

• Learning helps us more easily and readily adapt to new situations.

• A broad knowledge of unfamiliar situations feeds innovation by inspiring us to think creatively and providing examples to follow.

• Learning deepens our character and makes us more inspiring to those around us.

• Learning makes us more confident.

With the entire world just a few mouse-clicks away, it’s never been easier to learn something new and unexpected every day. Here are a few simple ways to expand your horizons every day:

Subscribe to Wikipedia’s “Featured Article” list. Every day, Wikipedia posts an article selected from its vast repository of entries and sends it to your inbox at no cost.

Read The Free Dictionary’s homepage. The Free Dictionary has several daily features on its front page, including Article of the Day, In the News, This Day in History and Today’s Birthday.

Subscribe to great free art at http://art.jerryandmartha.com which was formerly Your Daily Art. Every day you’ll be treated to a classic work of art to contemplate, along with a few notes about the piece.

Watch videocasts on TED. I personally think this is the coolest collection of ideas on the internet.

Now, take some time to think about what you’d like to learn how to do next. Send me an email to coach@franciecooper.com and we’ll discuss your ideas over the next few weeks.

– Francie Cooper



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