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The Spiral Path – Learning From Life’s Choices August 31, 2010

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Can you believe we’re heading into Labor Day weekend? Fall is knocking on our collective consciousness and inviting us to take stock of where we are in our lives before we hibernate for the winter.

I read an exercise last week by one of my favorite spiritual teachers, Joan Borysenko, which I thought appropriate for this time of year.

“Draw a spiral on a piece of paper with NOW in the center. Get out your calendar for the year and arrange the choices you made from the outside (last August) to now. Think about each choice – how and why you made it, the results, etc.

“What are you learning? Find the nectar even in the midst of what might have been unskillful choices.”

My thoughts when I did this exercise were that even the problematic choices I made this past year were doorways to revelations. I have a long list of them and though it’s really hard not to be critical and judgmental of myself, I’m working hard to learn the lesson in each.

One unskillful choice I made last December was to spend too much money on Christmas gifts. I love Christmas, but this was ultimately an unskillful choice because doing so drained my resources to an unhealthy level. Why did I make that choice? Because I still have a touch of the “disease to please” and I basically want everyone to like me. The results? No one liked me any more or less. What did I learn? I can’t buy people’s affection. They either like me or they don’t.

Whew – that’s hard to admit, but I hope my doing so will give you the courage to join me on the spiral path this week. What choices have you made? Why did you make them? What are the results? What you are learning?

This is a tough one, friends, but I know you can do it! Take a deep breath, turn an unflinching, honest eye on your unskillful choices and learn along with me how to make better ones next time.

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– Francie Cooper



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