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Oh Boy! Can’t Wait to See What’s Gonna Happen Today! September 24, 2010

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When the SpiritSparks aren’t flyin’ and you’re feeling dull and dreary, it may be because you see the day ahead as routine and uninspiring with nothing to look forward to. Although you may believe that at first blush, what will happen if you instead look forward with anticipation? What if you look beyond what you’ve planned and know will happen, and are just open to what might show up?

Today, for instance, my plan was to meet with a fellow Coach whom I had never seen. I had no expectation really, it was just a chance to meet a new colleague and talk about Coaching. As it turns out, and it should have been no surprise, we have a lot in common AND we now have plans to collaborate on a future project (which will include podcasting – something I’ve wanted to do for a lo-o-ong time. Stay tuned for that update!)

What is the lesson here? I think it’s that we can choose to find new opportunities in a day that seems to hold nothing interesting. We can move into our life with eyes wide open. Perhaps we can look for a new person to meet with or call an old friend to plan a get-together.

We can decide to look for beauty in our surroundings, something to laugh about, or we can choose to do something new and interesting, fun and playful on our lunch break just to see what will happen.

The bottom line? When you decide that you don’t know everything, you allow yourself to open up to amazing potential and unexpected SpiritSparks.

Try it today!



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