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The Thrill of the Unexpected! September 29, 2010

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I read my horoscope this morning (yes, I do that from time to time – and I’m a Pisces in case you’re wondering) and it said, “You might receive unexpected news today, which could leave you feeling thrilled. It may simply be the element of surprise or the fact that there is something that you have always wanted to happen that has come true for you that is causing your excitement.”

Wow! The whole idea of getting thrilling, unexpected news – well – thrills me! Isn’t that just what I’ve been talking about all month? Looking for the SpiritSparks – the great, unforeseen things that just show up for no apparent rhyme nor reason?

My challenge when this news arrives will be to simply appreciate and take pleasure in the feeling and not think too deeply about what it may mean for the future. I realize that letting go of any desired outcome will make my news much more meaningful. I’ll need to release anything negative that may come to mind and not over-analyze. It’s only in doing so that I can truly experience the joy of the moment.

When my SpiritSpark appears, which I’m definitely on alert for today, I intend to truly relish it and place my awareness squarely in the present. By being one with my feelings and releasing expectations of a particular outcome, I’ll more fully delight in the blessings I’ll be given today.

So, just because that’s my horoscope, doesn’t mean SpiritSparks won’t be flying around in your world too. The questions are: Will you recognize them? How will you react to them? Will you scrutinize and evaluate or will you revel and relish them?

Write and tell me what shows up for you this week and be sure to add how you reacted. I can’t wait to hear your stories and I’ll let you know, too, if my horoscope was right.



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