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Comic Strip Imitates Life November 17, 2010

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Last Sunday I was blissfully reading the comic section of my local newspaper when Sally Forth spoke to me. From the colorful pages of the funnies came wisdom on this month’s topic, “Juggling JoyFully.” You can read the strip that inspired me here.

In the first panel, Sally, is holding her head and staring at her computer.  Ted walks in and says: “You look stressed, Sally.”  Sally replies: “I feel it…”

Second panel, Sally says: “My mind keeps racing over everything I have to do…”

Third panel, Sally continues: “Employee year-end reviews, Thanksgiving, Christmas…”

Fourth panel, she says to Ted:  “I guess I just need you to tell me everything’s going to be all right.”

In the final panel, Ted says: “Everything’s going to be all right, Sal.” 

To which Sally replies, “No, I need you to tell me that while you’re drawing me a bath, lighting some scented candles, and listing all the dinners you’ll be preparing for the next several weeks.”

I was struck by the fact that this comic strip could capture, in just a few words and pictures, the universal dilemmas and wishes of most women at this time of year.  I don’t have enough time to do everything I need to do.  I wish someone would help me.

So, my busy female readers, can you ask for help and express as clearly as Sally what you actually need as the season really heats up? And my dear male readers, can you hear what she’s asking and draw the bath, light the candles, and list what you’ll be doing to help?

Novel concepts on both sides, ladies and gentlemen. Ask for help. Give help. Simple but not easy!

– Francie Cooper

P.S. For more practical and fun ideas about coping with the holiday season, listen to my latest podcast with fellow coach, Steve Coxsey, Staying Calm and Thankful During Holiday Gatherings!



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