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Chillax! April 12, 2011

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“People who cannot find time for recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for illness.”
– John Wanamaker

Chillax.  Yes, it’s a relatively new word, but it is found in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. It means to chill out and relax simultaneously. I like this idea a lot!
Since most of us are dealing with increasing time pressures, steadily rising volumes of email, constant voice and text messages, and more competition at every level, it harder to wind down and chillax. Millions use TV, alcohol or drugs to change their mood in a desperate attempt to relieve worry, concern and anxiety.  The trouble is, in the long term, these solutions can cause extra stress themselves.
So let’s look at some easy ways to chillax – things you can do right now, today: read a chapter of an ebook; turn on Pandora and listen to music; take your lunch and sit under a tree. Tonight, stop on your way home and buy a kite to fly this weekend, watch a funny film, or enjoy a meal out with friends.
Chillaxing is all about making time for things  you enjoy.
Another approach to chillaxing is to do a simple, overall all body relaxation exercise.  Here’s one you can do any time:
Systematically tense and relax different muscles in your body at the same time as taking slow, deep breaths. With regular practice, this technique enables you to understand what tension, as well as relaxation, feels like in different parts of your body. This awareness will help you spot and counteract the first signs of muscular tension that accompanies stress, and as your body relaxes so will your mind.
  • Take a few slow, deep breaths.
  • Slowly tense the muscles in your right foot,
    squeezing as tightly as you can. Hold for a count of 10.
  • Relax your right foot. Focus on the tension
    flowing away and the way your foot feels as it becomes limp and loose.
  • Take a few slow, deep breaths.
  • Slowly tense the muscles in your left foot.
    Follow the same sequence of muscle tension and release.
  • Move slowly up through your body — legs,
    abdomen, back, neck, face — contracting and relaxing the muscle groups as you go.
So get your chillax on this week folks.  You’ll be SO happy you did!
Chillaxfully yours,
Francie Cooper
P.S. Steve and I chillax at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden during this week’s internet radio episode of Tapa Palapa. Listen in by clicking here. Did you know you can also follow Tapa Palapa on Facebook and Twitter?


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