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I’m a Wanderer. Sing it Dion. November 18, 2010

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A new Harvard study, reported in the story below,  supports theories by spiritual teachers that being fully present, living  in the moment,  increases our happiness level.   How can we learn to be more present?   I know I say it again and again, but it’s through meditation, friends.   Read this story for the full scoop:

Memo to the Mind: Don’t Wander, Be Happy


Refocus. Reinvent. Rebuild. A Day for Designing the Next Chapter of Your Life. November 9, 2010

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Who will write the next chapter of your life?  Set aside just one day to make sure the author is YOU. 

Has your life turned out the way you planned it?  Was it even your own plan?  Are you looking back wondering what happened to your vision and your dreams as you accomplished all those things you were “supposed” to do?  Are you looking ahead realizing you had big milestones for the first half of your life, but not much planned for this next stage? 

If so, register today for this life-transforming event!
Refocus. Reinvent. Rebuild.  A Day for Designing the Next Chapter of Your Life.

  • Saturday, November 20th
  • 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Sanford House Inn and Spa, 506 N. Center St., Arlington, TX
  • To register, email:coach@franciecooper.com
  • Fee:  $299, includes seminar materials, continental breakfast,lunch, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

Top 7 Strategies for a Successful, Committed Relationship October 27, 2010

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All month we’ve been exploring the importance of commitment to self. So this week, let’s switch it up a little and look at what it takes to be successfully committed to another, specifically a spouse, life partner or significant other.

There’s a great, relatively new book, for better – the science of a good marriage, by Tara Parker-Pope, that summarizes the current research on the positive steps we can take to keep a relationship healthy. In this well-researched work, Parker-Pope points out, “Researchers have identified several small, positive changes on which couples can focus that have the potential to reap big rewards in overall satisfaction with your marriage… Good marriages require daily maintenance and positive feedback to help couples stay connected.”

Parker-Pope distills the findings of several studies to come up with seven strategies to stay happy and bolster the strength of a relationship:

  1. Celebrate Good News – “Research shows that couples who regularly celebrate the good times have higher level of commitment, intimacy, trust and relationship satisfaction.” Bust out the champagne!
  2. Know the Mathematics of Marriage – “In stable marriages, there are at least five times more positive interactions than negative ones… Sometimes the positive are spoken, “You look nice today, honey.” Sometimes they’re gestures – pats on the hand or back, a hug, a tousle of the hair, a kiss for no reason.”
  3. Keep Your Standards High – According to a study by University of North Carolina psychologist Donald H. Baucom, couples who expect a lot from their relationships tend to get exactly what they ask for.
  4. Pay Attention to Family and Friends – “The happiest couples are those who have interests and support beyond the twosome.”
  5. Don’t Expect Your Spouse to Make You Happy – “Marriage triggers an initial boost in happiness, but after about two years, people, on average, settle back to the same level of happiness they had prior to marriage.”
  6. Just Do It – “Over time, regular sex can improve your mood, make you more patient, damp down anger, and leads to a better, more hapcontented relationship.”
  7. Reignite Romance – “Protect your marriage by regularly trying new things and sharing new experiences with your spouse.”

So how ‘bout it friends? How many of these do you apply on a regular basis? My suggestion this week is that you take an honest look at which of these tips you’re using and which you’re not, then make a plan on how you can integrate them into your life with your beloved. Better yet, email this to him or her with a note that says, “Hi, honey. I love you and would love to talk about these! Want to go on a date tonight?”

– Francie Cooper

Love + More Love = Abundance July 28, 2010

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This past weekend I experienced abundance in its most glorious form – love! I attended a friend’s birthday dinner, then a birthday party for my 90-year-old aunt, and then the wedding of a dear friend’s daughter. It was basically a three-day love-fest, and it filled me to the brim with feelings of pure, unadulterated abundance.

We don’t often think of love as a part of the abundance equation, unlike money or material possessions. In reality, though, it is love that gives us the most lasting feelings of fullness and plenty.

Love, to me, is the foundation of an abundant life. There’s an unlimited supply of it – always. And, we all have the capacity within us to be vessels for love. It doesn’t matter what we’ve accomplished, what recognition we’ve received, what we own, there is nothing as sweet as loving. The more we love – the more people, the more manifestations of life – a friend, a child, a parent, a partner, a pet – the richer we are. Nothing is more beautiful or more sacred.

This week, let’s pay particular attention to the abundance of love in our lives. Notice the glow in your beloved’s eyes. Revel in the sweetness of a child’s embrace. Inhale a big gulp of the love in the air at your family reunion. Absorb the adoration of your sweet pet. How does it make you feel when you recognize the love all around you? My guess is that, like me, you’ll feel full, content and simply happy!

Life Coaching for Gen Y – Listen to My Interview! June 16, 2010

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I’m so excited to share with you my recent interview about how Life Coaching can benefit Gen Y’ers.    The show is airing now on womensradio.com.  You can listen to it  here: Coaching Generation Y to a Happy Future | Articles | WomensRadio

What’s the Diff? May 11, 2010

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May is “Make a Difference” month on my personal list of topics to ponder, discuss and manifest this year. By making a difference, I refer to doing something for the greater good, looking outside myself to help someone else.

My favorite positive psychology expert, Dr. Martin Seligman, says the most effective path to happiness comes from leading a meaningful life – in other words, using our personal strengths to serve some larger end.

In an experiment called “Philanthropy versus Fun,” Seligman divided his psychology students into two groups – one that pursued pleasurable activities, like going to the movies or eating delicious chocolate, and another group which engaged in philanthropic activities like volunteering at a soup kitchen or reading to the blind.

Guess what? The happiness feel-good factor of the fun was nothing compared to the lasting happiness of doing altruistic acts.

I believe that doing good things for others will not only make you feel happier, according to Seligman, it will be lead to happiness at your highest level!

This week I invite you to join me in asking yourself a few important questions: