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What Flavor Ice Cream Are You? May 18, 2011

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“What flavor of ice cream are you?”  That was the question Kathleen posed as we sat around Saturday night, fêting our friend Susan who’d just graduated Summa Cum Laude at the youthful age of 45.
In answer to her own question, Kathleen declared herself Mint Chocolate Chip.  Lesley, with some trepidation, announced she was Nutty Chocolate.  Marcey proudly claimed Chocolate with Rainbow Sprinkles!  Other friends,  Frankye and Marion, both glumly replied Vanilla, plain Vanilla – then thankfully agreed they could be Vanilla Bean.
 I shared that I am Neapolitan.
 “But, you don’t even like Neapolitan,” someone wisely observed.  Ah, true enough, but I do like experiencing lots of different flavors in my life – in the form of new experiences and interesting people.  And, when I do eat Neapolitan, I like to stir it all up, bring all the flavors together for something altogether different and still incredibly yummy.
At that point Kathleen proclaimed, “I feel a Weekly Companion coming on!”  And so here we are, discussing ice cream flavors and how they might possibly relate to the Vitally Important People in our lives.
 One of the things I took away from our little chat circle that evening was that I was, once again, surrounded by some of my wonderful VIPs.  And, that they arrived in every size, shape, color and flavor.  They were tall, short, round, thin, brown, black, white, young, old, salty, tart and sweet.  I realized, too, that I was partly
responsible for the wonderful mix of people that were present, having introduced several of the attendees to one another.  I was having an authentic, stirred up, Neapolitan experience.
So, what flavor of ice cream are you?  Do you feel plain Vanilla?  If so, do you want add more flavor, like some chocolate syrup, or better yet, a banana, some chopped nuts and whipped cream?
 And, what flavors are your VIPs? Do you surround yourself with flavors just like you, or do you like to mix it up, and have a few Nutty Chocolates and
Rainbow Sprinkles thrown in?
This week, take this ice cream quiz then shoot me a note (you can just hit “reply” to this email) and tell me about your own unique flavor.  My guess is it’s
really delicious.
Uh, oh.  Better sign off for now.  I hear the ice cream truck!  Can’t wait to see what new flavor I choose.
Your Neapolitan Coach,
Francie Cooper
P.S.  Steve Coxsey and I are talking about the importance of close relationships all month on our internet radio show, TapaPalapa.  While we won’t scream for ice cream until Thursday this week, you can listen right now to some of our past episodes by clicking here.

National Ice Cream Month July 6, 2010

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Did you know July is National Ice Cream month?  I’ve pledged to do my duty to eat my fair share of ice cream and I’m doing a fine job!   So, this morning, I received this story from Daily Candy on the best ice cream in existance.  Have they been reading my Facebook postings?  http://www.dailycandy.com/all-cities/gallery/84804/10-Ice-Cream-Flavors-You-Wont-Find-at-Baskin-Robbins