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Everyone’s Got Talent! March 23, 2011

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 When you think of talent, what comes to mind?  Is it the kids with the amazing voices on American Idol?  Is it a favorite painter like Picasso or O’Keefe?   Maybe it’s a much-loved author like Mark Twain or Jodi Picoult.  While it’s true that all of these individuals have or had talent, what if I told you I believe Everyone’s Got Talent and, yes, that means you!
Talents are simply natural endowments.  We’re all given them and it’s our job in this life is to discover what they are.  It’s also our job to figure out how we’ll use them to make the world a better place. 
When I work with clients on discovering their own gifts and talents, I often find that what they enjoy doing gives them clues.  This week I’d like you to think about what you enjoy and, by extension, what your gifts and talents are and how you can use them to make the world a better place.  Here’s a chart* to get you started thinking.  Circle the talents that apply to you and add your own.
Taking care of animals
Doing math
Helping others
Listening to others
Riding a bicycle
Drawing pictures
Creating stories
Playing ball
Using imagination
Telling stories
Telling jokes
Making people laugh
Playing a musical instrument
Playing sports
Speaking more than one language
Finding four-leaf clovers
Putting puzzles together
Taking tests
Finding things that are hidden
Growing plants and flowers
Solving problems
Helping people understand each other
Recognizing stars and plants
Designing clothes
Building things
Sign language
Now, take it a step further.  How can you use just one of these talents this week for the greater good?  How can you use it for someone other than yourself?  If your talent is growing plants and flowers, for instance, could you help a neighbor plant a garden?  If you yodel, could you take 20 minutes to entertain a group at your nearest nursing home? 
Whatever your gift is, whatever you’re called to do in this world, just don’t waste it.   It is, after all, one of your jobs in this lifetime!

If you want more information on this topic, remember to tune in to this week’s podcast on TapaPalapa.com or itunes. 

Until next week,
*Chart developed by Charlene A. Costanzo