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Listen in on Tapa Palapa’s Latest Work-Life Liberation Podcast January 28, 2011

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In this weeks Tapa Palapa episode Francie and Steve talk about the fact that it’s too easy to get sidetracked and try to solve the wrong problem, so it’s important to get clear about what you want to change in your worklife. They look at smaller changes to consider before pursuing a full career change or pursuing self-employment. They also show you ways to test out your career dreams by identifying the practical considerations and by talking with people in that field to point out obstacles you’ll likely encounter.

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think. Can you identify a way to bring your calling into your current work? Where can you exercise your influence to improve the environment at your workplace? Is there a big career or business dream you have that you’re ready to start testing out?

Please help us liberate more people by telling your friends and family about our podcast. Invite them to sign up by RSS feed or by e-mail.


School Nurses get in on the Juggling JoyFully Act! November 8, 2010

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Today at 2:00 I’m speaking to 125 Fort Worth Independent School District nurses on that ever-challenging topic:  Work/Life Balance.  For those of you who follow my blog, you know I like to call it “Juggling JoyFully.”

If  your company or organization would like a presentation on this topic, too –  shoot me an email at coach@franciecooper.com.  We’ll have a lot of fun, some laughs, and take away some important information about creating this elusive harmony inyour life.

Juggling Joyfully November 5, 2010

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 I’m starting a new coaching group next Thursday called “Juggling JoyFully,” and would love to have you join me! It seems a particularly appropriate topic, given that the holidays are hot on the horizon. After all, we have to fit in the shopping, cooking, cleaning, family, etc.,amid the normal activities of daily living!

Five Thursdays, November 11 and 18, and December 2, 9 and 16. 
Park Plaza Building
2501 Parkview, Suite 206
Fort Worth, TX  76102
Just $79 for 5 full weeks of group coaching
To register:
Life Coach Francie Cooper
2501 Parkview, Suite 305
Fort Worth, Tx  76101
Payment will be accepted by cash or check to Life Coach Francie Cooper on the first meeting day.

I Love Coaching Generation Y! June 22, 2010

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A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of doing a radio interview, Coaching Generation Y to a Happy Future with Tamara Bell, the host of Keeping up with Gen Y on WomensRadio.

Since many of my readers are trying to attract and retain employees and customers in that age range (generally 18–30), have children between those ages, or are members of that group themselves, I’ve decided to devote today’s space to shedding a little light on these young adults.

Let’s first look at a few interesting facts. There are approximately 80 million Gen Y’ers in the world, and they make up about 25% of the U.S. population. They spend approximately $200 billion a year, and have a major influence on parent spending. Sixty-six percent of Gen Y’ers voted for Obama. Ninety percent own a computer, and 97% own a cell phone. They spend more time online than watching TV.

Employers, here’s a stat that may cause you some sleepless nights: the average Gen Y’er will change jobs 10 to 29 times during his or her lifetime, and the average time in one job is 1.1 years. They have seen their parents work too hard and have noticed a lack of company loyalty towards them, illustrated by lay-offs and downsizing. They have also seen the negative impact of unfulfilling work on an individual’s well-being.

Parents, the report card isn’t too great for us either. (I have two Gen Y sons myself.) Gen Y has seen their parents center their lives on work and, as a result, have no work/life balance.  They have seen a lack of investment in personal relationships which has resulted in unprecedented numbers of divorce. They have seen that money and an affluent lifestyle do not provide happiness.

Folks, they have seen all this and they do not want the same for themselves or their own families.

As a Life Coach, I see a lot of good things about Gen Y. In their attempts to make the world a better place, they’re starting with themselves by first identifying their life purpose, and then finding fulfilling work. From my perspective, this can only lead to a happier, more peaceful world. Gen Y is also leading the green movement, which can only be good news for the environment. Plus, they are very concerned with contributing to the greater good by volunteering during their free time.

This week find a Gen Y’er in your circle of influence and spend some time getting to know his or her values, ideas and ambitions. My guess is that you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Announcing the Travel Essay Winner! April 14, 2010

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Hooray! We have a champ! Congratulations to Judy in Denver for submitting the winning entry in last week’s Travel Essay Contest! She receives the beautiful travel book Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Greatest Trips by National Geographic, PLUS, my favorite one-hour workshop “Work-Life Balance – Yes You Can!” for ten participants.

Before I share Judy’s essay, I want to thank everyone who submitted your travel adventures. Because of the enthusiastic response, I plan to run more contests in the future and hope you will enter again!

So, without further ado (drum roll, please) – Judy’s entry:

Thirty Minutes by the Lake

One of the most profound moments of my life happened early one June morning in the lakes district of Switzerland.

I was traveling with a dozen fifteen-year-old girls and two other adults. Just moving that many people with backpacks through hostels and trains in villages and cities was hectic and sometimes exhausting. We were midway through our 20-day adventure to Germany, Switzerland and Austria. I was feeling the need for alone time, but couldn’t possible do that during the waking hours.

When we arrived at the hostel, I noticed that it was a block from a beautiful lake edged by tall trees. It looked so peaceful and serene that I thought it would be the perfect spot for a much-needed personal respite. So I made a plan: get up an hour before anyone else, grab my camera and head to the lake.

The air was crisp and the sun was just peeking through the trees to sparkle on the water. I was enthralled with the tranquil setting. I was soothed by the beautiful scenery and the sounds of birds chirping.

I noticed an elderly gentleman approaching with a Labrador dog. We smiled and greeted each other in foreign languages. I stood back and watched him throw a dog biscuit into the water for his dog to fetch. His dog was thrilled to swim out to the treat and eat it on his return to shore. Then the man threw out another, and another.

Soon it was time for the old man and his old dog to leave. He turned to me, smiled and waved “so long.” I smiled as they turned to walk down the sunlit path away from me. It was a magical encounter with a stranger and his loyal friend, captured forever on my film.

It’s been 22 years since that enchanting thirty minutes by the lake. Even today when I visualize that morning it brings me great peace and always a smile.

I chose this entry for many reasons. Primarily, I could feel the long-lasting impact this experience had on Judy’s life. I also salute her realization that she needed some alone-time to recharge her batteries and that she did something about it! So often we ignore those nudges, only to wonder why we fall apart later. Finally, I love the imagery. I felt myself on the edge of that lake and it gave me my own moment of respite. Thank you, Judy!

Enter My Travel Essay Contest! April 6, 2010

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This month we’re shifting our focus from food to travel. To get the party started, I’m running a contest this week:

In 300 words or less, tell me your favorite travel adventure and what you learned from it. The top story wins a beautiful travel book, Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Greatest Trips by National Geographic, PLUS, my favorite one-hour workshop “Work-Life Balance – Yes You Can!” for ten participants.

To jog your interest a bit, let’s think for a moment about why we travel. Do we travel to see new places? To have new experiences? To meet new people? For me, it’s all of those, plus an opportunity for fun, adventure and discovery. When I visit other places, I love gaining a better understanding of the people who live there. I celebrate their cultures and enjoy discovering the similarities and differences between us.

Travel is also refreshing and revitalizing. It’s a psychological break. Vacations recharge my internal batteries and enable me to better handle my work and daily life. I find getaways help sustain my energy and help prevent burn-out.

I also believe that travel fundamentally teaches us that people around the world have the same needs and issues. We all want to keep our families safe and happy. We all want to have enough food and drinkable water. We have a common humanity.

So, enter the contest now! Get out your vacation pix for inspiration and write to me at coach@franciecooper.com about your favorite travel adventure! Can’t wait to read about it!